Seller Policy

As an ecommerce website, we value our sellers and are committed to providing a fair and transparent selling platform. In order to maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure a positive experience for our buyers, we have established the following seller policy:

  1. Seller Eligibility: All sellers must be registered and verified before they can list their products on our website. We reserve the right to reject any application or terminate any seller's account at our discretion.

  2. Product Listings: All product listings must be accurate, complete, and comply with our guidelines. We do not allow the sale of counterfeit or infringing products, prohibited items, or any products that violate local laws.

  3. Pricing: Sellers are responsible for setting their own prices, but they must comply with our pricing guidelines. Sellers are not allowed to engage in price gouging or other unethical pricing practices.

  4. Shipping and Delivery: Sellers are responsible for shipping and delivery of their products, and must provide accurate and timely delivery information. We encourage sellers to use reliable shipping methods and provide tracking information.

  5. Returns and Refunds: Sellers are responsible for handling returns and refunds in accordance with our policies. Buyers have the right to return products that are defective or not as described, and sellers must provide refunds in a timely manner.

  6. Communication with Buyers: Sellers must maintain clear and professional communication with buyers at all times. They must respond promptly to inquiries and complaints, and work to resolve any issues in a timely and fair manner.

  7. Seller Fees: We charge sellers a fee for each product sold on our platform. The fee varies based on the product category and other factors, and is clearly stated in our fee schedule.

  8. Seller Performance: We monitor seller performance and may take action against sellers who violate our policies or fail to meet our standards. This may include warnings, suspension, or termination of the seller's account.

By selling on our platform, sellers agree to comply with our policies and guidelines. We reserve the right to modify our policies at any time, and will provide notice of any changes. We appreciate the contributions of our sellers and are committed to supporting their success on our platform.